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Freedom | Ability | Inclusion

Your Local NDIS Services Provider

Ada Support is a NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Provider based in Adelaide, NDIS is a reform that aims to improve the quality of life of people with disability in Australia. As a NDIS Service Provider in Adelaide, Ada Support is able to provide you with choice and control by delivering the best support services. We are sensitive to cultural and family needs and make every effort to provide comfort, safety and dignity.



About the


Director - Ada Support

Idah Julia Muradzikwa

Idah has the experience and the leadership skills to provide support services to the South Australian people with disability, Ada Support is established with the intention to provide and exercise Freedom, Inclusion and to provide confidence and ability. Ada Support advocates and will take necessary steps to make inclusive South Australia – a place where equal opportunity is given to people with disabilities.

At a glance
• Ada Support: Managing Director
• Friends of Kahungwe Association: Deputy Chairperson
• College of Emergency Nursing Australasia: Member
• Young Professionals Group : Member

Idah believes Choice and Control are important to every individual, her vision is to maintain a friendly working environment where the participants are leading how they want to be supported and also not ignoring the Support Staff services. Ada Support will endeavour in establishing an effective engagement process that will foster lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with employees that enhance organisational morale, reputation and business outcomes. Ada Support will cater for complex needs, providing supports to people with mental health, degenerative disease, complex health issues and rapidly changing support needs.

Over 15 years of experience as a health care professional with the passion to excel in the health care sector through the application of leadership skills and principles. Idah has worked in various roles from a Facilitator to a Mental Health Nurse, in her professional roles she has been involved in day-to-day decisions, to large department-wide policies to meet the needs of the patients, their families and the communities.

Key Skills
• Decision-making
• Guidance / Mentoring
• Conflict resolution
• Effective communication
• Change management or adaptability
• Commitment to educational and professional development

Unique about Ada Support

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We understand that it can be overwhelming to welcome a stranger into the home, that’s why we train our staff not just on high-quality care but on interpersonal relationships too.

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